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Outline: Should I study abroad? Getting stuck in a routine is quite easy. After all, we’re creatures of habit. We eat the same breakfast every morning, dress the same closes, meet the same people and do the same things over and over again. So why should anyone leave their comfort zone and risk jeopardizing losing all of the thing that make them happy? In this article, here are 4 reasons why you should never study away from home – an opinion from a foreign student on why this may be a bad idea, based on his experience for being studying in Portugal in the last 5 months.


“My friend,

I have been studying abroad, in Portugal, to be precise, for already 5 months and my duty is to warn you: never ever go study abroad! Living and studying abroad makes your life fuller and filled with various different events, meetings and places, while you are spending your life in your parents’ house: your safe harbor, your comfort zone. Is not it nice to wake up every morning in the same place and go to the same places in your hometown to see the same people every day? I know that you would object that you are meeting all kinds of people in your university or your workplace, but, still, admit: you like comfortable, predictable life of your own.

If you still think you want to go to another country for your studies, I, again, will have to tell you in advance that you will never be the same ever again. Your views on different world phenomena will change, in addition to your skills, like sociability or adaptability, which will also suffer painful changes throughout your stay in a completely different place full of strange, yet interesting people.

So, are you still eager to go abroad? Before you answer I will tell you at least 4 reasons why you should NOT do that:

You will meet new people

If you go to a country that has a language different from your own, you are going to be in trouble. First, you will have to learn a new language: why in the world should you do that?! Learning some new languages is said to develop one’s frontal lobes in brain and improve the memory, but we are not the people who want this, right? Secondly, you can dedicate time for that, communicate with different people to try to practice the words you learnt, and be embarrassed of doing that; yet, you are developing your social skills in this way. Just imagine: your natural shyness will gradually go away, while you, smiling, are speaking to a Portuguese girl in her own language, or to a French guy, recommending him to visit your country just as you visited his. Besides, you will grow your network, which will include international people now. Unfortunately, you can only imagine this.

You will live on your own

Doing your own laundries and cooking?! No, this completely does not suit you: accustomed to mother’s delicious food, you will not even survive a week in such circumstances. Or you will?

International students, being representatives of their countries, usually try to look after themselves because they know: mom is not there to take care of their diet and looks. They have to iron clothes themselves after doing their own laundry and cook for themselves after purchasing wholesale in the nearest supermarket: some of them are even proud they can sustain themselves because they are adults now. However, you and I realize that staying in childhood is much sweeter, so, why should you ever live on your own?!

You will see new places

This is a tricky one: while you generally enjoy watching videos on YouTube about different beautiful places, while studying abroad, you actually have to travel hundreds of miles to get to some of them that you dream about. Sometimes, you will have to travel by bus, enjoying the views of India or China if the roads are flat. Other times, going by foot would be a good option for seeing some hard-to-reach places and stay there to spend a night in a tent, but you will be exhausted in the end. These cities and mountains, among others, never go away: it is you who will have to go see them. If you are ready to grab yourself and do that, well, prepare to go some extra miles toward these dreams.

You will review your life values and priorities

Having this experience of meeting new people, living on your own and traveling, are you ready for some real changes in your current life? Are you ready to step out of your safe harbor and challenge yourself?

I guarantee: if you go abroad you will never be the same again. Personally, my life has turned 180 degrees. From not knowing what to do with my life, I now have a clearer idea what I want to do, what impact I want to leave and what life-long aims I want to accomplish. Meeting different, energetic or not, smart and not so much, entrepreneurial and employee-like, Portuguese, German, Indian, Tunisian among others, people motivates me now to get to know this world even more than I did. I feel more like an adult since I have to be responsible for myself now: nobody by my side to take care of me at home, all by myself, and I enjoy it!

Thus, my friend, if you still consider going abroad to continue studies, this year is the perfect timing if you have a little idea about your future: new experiences will shape your thinking and help you set your priorities, BUT only if you truly use this chance to 100% and carefully choose opportunities. Once you chose them, do what it takes and enjoy!”

The author of this article asked to remain anonymous.

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