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Outline: Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) student testimonial gives an insightful review on the way things work at Nova SBE. #uduni #uduniuniversityreview #uduniclassreviews #ilovemyuni!

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Just like any university, college or other educational institution, Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) has its downfalls. However, for every complaint and genuine difficulty faced by the student body, I have had difficulty in finding someone who didn’t thoroughly enjoy their time at Nova SBE – whether they were among those spending their Erasmus here or otherwise.

Nova School of Business and Economics

Nova SBE: Challenging, Rigorous, Demanding. What Else?

Admittedly, Nova SBE is challenging, rigorous, and demands a lot from their students. That is not to say however, that you will not come across a professor or two that may not suit your learning style – be it they are “too practical”, “too theoretical”, grade “too tough” or just “too monotonous”– but let’s be frank, this is the case whether you are studying at Harvard or Nova SBE. No one professor can please every single student. On the whole, classes and professors at Nova SBE are top-notch, not to mention that small class sizes enable students and professors alike to form close relationships. That being said, a little resourcefulness gets you a long way at Nova SBE – and in Portugal in general. At Nova SBE, professors are largely readily available to talk to you and help you out in any way that they can, you just have to ask.


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Thus, if you are looking to attend Nova SBE and live in Lisbon, do not expect everything to be handed to you on a silver platter. That may be one of the biggest learning lessons for most students at Nova SBE. Rather than sit back and expect things to happen, you have to be proactive. I’ve learned that Portugal generally runs on a different schedule than most Western European countries, as does Nova; and that is neither good nor bad, you just have to learn to adjust and accept the culture and the different ways of working. This goes for everything from queuing, to taking the bus in the morning, to getting your final grades – all of which may take longer (or shorter – after all, it’s all relative, isn’t it?) than what you are used to. If you are able to take things “com calma” you should be fine.

Nova School of Business and Economics

Amazing Places To Study

The Campolide campus itself is also not what you would expect from a traditional university campus, particularly for those coming to study from North America. Staged on a hill, the old castle-like building and turrets gives it a prestigious air and a slightly secluded feel. Though perched above Lisbon, Nova SBE’s close proximity to just about anything in Lisbon is what makes this university such a delight. I don’t think I’ve ever not had anything to do. As the Portuguese capital, Lisbon offers a range of different activities, from museums, to music and theaters, and not to mention the mouthwatering cuisine. If you want to study in the center of a metropolitan city, be close to the ocean, and not be fully engulfed in a high-paced atmosphere, Nova SBE definitely enables just that.

Don’t stay inside all day studying, instead, grab your books and head out to one of the many cafés in the city or venture out over the bridge to the beach for a study session. Lisbon is a big metropolitan city, but each bairro (neighborhood) offers you a different feeling of belonging – so make sure you choose wisely! For those of you looking to live in the center of Lisbon’s thriving bar scene you won’t go wrong in Bairro Alto. But, a word of advice? Don’t drink away your weekends. Go explore Portugal instead, there is so much to see!

All in all, it can be assessed that the Nova SBE experience leaves most students yearning for more. Nova SBE offers the full package, including lots of long hours of studying, arguably too many group projects, plenty of sleepless nights and frustrating bureaucracy, but it also provides students the opportunity to live in an up-and-coming thriving multi-cultural city and only a 20-minute drive to the beach, a network of peers and corporate connections.


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  1. No internet, no space to study, facilities that are falling apart, no replies to mails by teachers/TAs/master office, quantity over quality with regard to workload, master office is completely incompetent, obscene ranking fetish and many points more, etc.. If this is the best university of the country, I know why Portugal is going down.

  2. LOL! This text sounds more like a marketing strategy than a student real testimony…

    The hyperbole figure of speech permeates the whole text.
    The whole «old castle-like building» takes the prize. If you search the web, you’ll find that the building was first a convent – so, it’s secluded alright – and then it was transferred to the army.
    Well, the ‘castle’… The ‘castle’, like some universities nowadays, thrives on marketing, and communication strategies. Fortunately, sites like this, if properly used will inform potential students.
    I’m not saying that it’s a bad univ, far from it. I’m just saying that it’s not as good as they want you to believe with their viral marketing strategy…

  3. Thanks for the review.I ‘ll be attending Nova SBE next September as an exchange student. Is there anything important to keep in mind?

    1. Check the courses you are taking beforehand. The text is pretty and all, but there are a few courses that you DON’T want to be taking on your exchange period. You come to have fun and meet people and places, not to spend countless nights doing projects and studying
      (i’m about to graduate here, awesome people, but hard work)

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