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Outline: Real testimonial from a student currently taking the MSc in Management at CLSBE of his experience at this university! #uduni #uduniuniversityreview #uduniclassreviews #ilovemyuni! #universidade catolica lisboa

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One year ago, when I was finishing my bachelor’s degree in Economics at Nova School of Business and Economics, I had to start deciding what I wanted to do – continue studying or start working. As I chose to continue studying, I had then to choose which university.

As I had done my bachelors degree already at Nova SBE, I was a bit tired of 3 years of the same routine, so I decided to change a bit. I chose to go to Católica, to take a Masters in Management. Now, I’m really happy with the choice I’ve done! Obviously, It’s impossible to know how it would have been if I had continued at Nova, but I can’t really picture myself better than I am now.

Classes, courses and professors

The great majority of the courses here are really cool regarding content and grading. I feel that we are learning through studying a lot of real-life examples instead of being analyzing management theories invented years ago! Then, for the exams, to have a good grade it is sufficient to put some effort in listening to what professor teaches during classes (meaning that there are no surprises in the exams for most courses).

Professors are friendly (at least the majority that I had) and try their best to ensure that we understand what they’re teaching. I discovered that most of them are open to the idea of giving advices to students of things that are with our professional path – it is just a matter of approaching them and ask for advices.

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The rest of the academic staff is also very keen on helping students (I know, it’s their duty, but at Nova SBE wasn’t like that) but, once again, you need to go and ask for help. If you stay quiet in your corner no one will help you, but if you explain what do you want do for a living in a future, they will explain you what do you need to do to get there and prepare you for the recruitment processes as well.

Also, regarding the academic services, I found Católica a bit more organized than Nova – you have to get a ticket for every service you want to use and this allows you to go wherever you want to go while waiting, instead of having to remained seated near a certain room waiting for your turn to arrive. However, sometimes it’s noticeable a lack of organization. No registration process has gone well – it is ridiculous as in 4 out of 4 registrations processes problems occurred! And the worse part is that there was a registration process before we started classes at Católica, so the first impression was terrible. The student affairs does a huge effort once the registration goes badly, so that no one is harmed by a poor registration system, but this does not eliminate all the stress that you go through during the supposed registration day.



One of the biggest expectations that I had concerning my time here at Católica was that I would meet more people. Well, mission accomplished – although I don’t know every single student nor even 30% of the students, I’m happy to say that I built a cool group of friends (with Portuguese and foreigners) that I will most probably take with me in the future. Throughout the masters, we are required to do group works in most courses, and most of professors ask diversity of nationalities within the group which means that you’ll probably partner up with foreigners. Once you get into a group work, you start to connect and hang out more with your colleagues, whether they are Portuguese or not. That’s why I feel that meeting new people at Católica is so easy – you will often find someone you already know from a group work inside each group and that someone introduces you to the entire group and, as soon as you notice, you are already part of the group!

However, I think that the integration with foreigners could have gone better, if the trip that was organized at the beginning of the masters allowed Portuguese people to go also. As a result, on the introduction day, foreigners had already their groups of friends, which did not include Portuguese students, and that gave the incentive for Portuguese to join themselves and form separate groups. But this was just for the first day, and if you were not shy or anything like that you could easily integrate yourself with foreigners also.

More time for myself!

I also want to add that one of the reasons that make me so happy about my choice of coming to Católica is that I feel that I have more time to myself than I did during my bachelors (but I hear that you can also have time for yourself taking your Masters in Management at Nova). I think that the most precious skill that you should have to be happy during your master’s is to be extremely organized – do to do’s lists, agendas, whatever it enables you to keep track of what you have to do! If you don’t know exactly what you have to do, you’ll probably feel overwhelmed by the tasks required when the deadlines get closer and closer but, if you keep track of everything you will be able to practice sports, hang out with friends or any other thing that helps you to relax and have fun.

Finally, as I was not from Católica during my bachelors, I thought that moving here meant being surrounded by “rich” kids. But the truth is that I don’t see that at all. Maybe that stereotype is applicable for bachelor students, because I only see regular people here (or at least I don’t see more “rich” kids than at Nova SBE).

Overall, I am more than pleased with my choice! I feel extremely supported by the staff (excluding the staff from the bar that is extremely rude sometimes),I feel perfectly integrated and I feel that all my efforts translate into the grades I deserve!

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