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AT Kearney internship report – Summer Business Analyst

Introduce yourself and your work experience

My name is Tomás. I’m a Finance and CEMS MIM student at Nova SBE. Last summer (1/06/2015 – 31/6/2015) I did an internship in management consulting at AT Kearney’s Lisbon office. I was a Summer Business Analyst and this is my official AT Kearney internship report.

How did you find out about this position?

During my Erasmus, I received an invitation by e-mail for a “Coffee&Chat” with AT Kearney’s Iberian HR manager. The purpose of the meeting was essentially to present the company’s culture and to signal that the Lisbon office was starting the recruitment process for Summer BA positions.


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How was the application process for you? If applicable, please provide info on each individual interview round.

There were three major stages during the AT Kearney internship recruitment process:
1. Problem Solving Test (~40 minutes): this test evaluated essentially analytical competences and the ability to give accurate answers under a strict time pressure;
2. First round of interviews: two interviews with Associates/Managers divided in two parts – fit Q&A and case interviews;
3. Final round of interviews: three interviews – one with the HR manager and the other two with Principals/Partners – following the same structure.

How long did it take the company to contact you after you had sent your application?



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What was the exact position you were working in? Indicate the three main responsibilities / activities of the job according with your time investment (%)

Summer Business Analyst
– Prepararing PowerPoint presentations
– Developing Excel models
– Attending meetings with the client

Describe a typical day in the job. (e.g. arriving at 9am, client meeting at 10am, team discussion at 11.30am etc.).

From Monday to Thursday I was based on the client’s office, whereas on Friday I worked from the A.T.K.’s office. The schedule heavily depends on the tasks established for each day. I must say that I learned a lot every work day – from best practices in Excel/PowerPoint to dealing with clients.

Was there any team spirit? Tell us a little bit about the corporate culture and your colleagues / superiors.

In my perspective, one of the most distinctive features of A.T. Kearney is its flat hierarchy, which induces a great working environment. I could not have been better received by my colleagues and superiors. They were totally available to clarify my doubts and to help me developing my professional and personal skills. Team-building activities were strongly encouraged – from weekly soccer matches to the organization of a Summer dinner.


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Evaluate your level (1 – 10) of responsibility during the Internship

8 – I had a mixture of meaningful and important tasks.

How much did you enjoy your internship (1 – 10)?

8 – I would recommend an AT Kearney internship to everyone interested in consulting.

If possible, please indicate the monthly compensation (if any) you received.

Cannot disclose that information.

Further resources: AT Kearney internship career website

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