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Goldman Sachs Securities Internship Report – Summer Analyst

Introduce yourself and your work experience

Goldman Sachs Securities Internship
London, United Kingdom
From the 21st of June to the 28th of August

How did you find out about this position?

Goldman Sachs’ careers website.

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How was the application process for you? If applicable, please provide info on each individual interview round.

It was necessary to fill in an online form, with details about myself, submit my CV and Cover Letter.
There was one phone interview and three consecutive interviews in London. All interviews consisted of doing your pitch, answering questions about myself and my interests, explaining your view on financial markets and answering questions about that. In the end of the interviews there would be one or two brain teasers and time for the interviewee to ask questions.

How long did it take the company to contact you after you had sent your application?

The first interview was scheduled three weeks after I submitted the application.

What was the exact position you were working in? Indicate the three main responsibilities / activities of the job according with your time investment (%)

Department: Securities
Role: Summer Analyst

1.Doing a project per week, depending on the asset class I was working on. It could be anything helpful for the workers of that desk, such as research about the market; research about one client; analyzing the different activities that were held by a group of clients in a country, etc. : 60%
2. Networking – meeting people from other desks and helping them when necessary: 30%.
3.Doing summaries of news that came out from Asia / Trading Ideas / Market Wraps / Stock Pitches/ Listening to speakers: 10%

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Describe a typical day in the job. (e.g. arriving at 9am, client meeting at 10am, team discussion at 11.30am etc.).

The typical day depended on which asset class I was working on during the week. Still, it would look like this:

Arriving at 6:20, to do a summary of the news that came from Asia and a trade idea;
Work on a project until 12
Take advantage of lunch time, when the market is calmer, to meet people from other desks.
Work again from 13:30 until roughly 19:00

In some days there were market wraps, stock pitches, and speakers would share their experience to interns. Those activities usually had a duration of 30 minutes to one hour, and could be held at any time of the day.

Was there any team spirit? Tell us a little bit about the corporate culture and your colleagues / superiors.

There was a considerable team spirit amongst the interns, and the workers of Goldman Sachs would also help us when they had the time to, or would schedule meetings with us. Over the course of the internship, analysts and associates would introduce us to more senior people.

The team spirit and openness of workers to spend some time with interns was actually something that surprised me. It is only necessary to wait for the right time of the day to spend time with them, as in some parts of the day they are extremely busy.

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Evaluate your level (1 – 10) of responsibility during the Internship

Meaningful tasks: 2
Important tasks: 2

How much did you enjoy your internship (1 – 10)?


If possible, please indicate the monthly compensation (if any) you received.


If there is anything you would like to to add about the job / company, please do so here.

This internship is a great opportunity to learn about financial markets and the different asset classes. The learning experience is very steep, and consists of not only specific hard knowledge of the subject, but also of soft skills.
The only issue I think should be different is that we should have more responsibilities, because our work is not taken seriously – our role in the internship is mostly to learn and be tested.

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Further resources: Goldman Sachs internship (securities) career website

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