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Jerónimo Martins Internship Report

Introduce yourself and your work experience

I’m Francisca and I did a summer internship at Jerónimo Martins for two months. This internship was in the headquarters (Campo Grande, Lisboa) and it started exactly at the 1st of July and finished on the 30th of August.

How did you find out about this position?

Jerónimo Martins now recruits mainly through LinkedIn. Since I followed the company closely and by having my profile updated, it was the easiest application. They are very explicit describing the opportunities, so it is not difficult.


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How was the application process for you? If applicable, please provide info on each individual interview round.

After applying through LinkedIn, I received a call inviting me to a personal meeting at the headquarters so they could know me better. During this call, we talked about why was I interested and what was I expecting from the internship.
At the interview day, we screen my CV from top to bottom. I had also the opportunity to explain difficult situation in my life where I needed to find a solution, where I did imagine myself in 5 years, and what I think this internship would give me.
Then, I was asked to choose 3 positions out of 40, and rank it. I choose Marketing of Pingo Doce, and luckily I was accepted.
They called me 2 days later giving me the good news and I had to attend a second interview with the head of the Branding department of Marketing. It was focused more on marketing insights like, “What is Marketing for you?”, “What is the marketing of Pingo Doce for you…”.

How long did it take the company to contact you after you had sent your application?

Maybe 1 month.

What was the exact position you were working in? Indicate the three main responsibilities / activities of the job according with your time investment (%)

I was a marketing intern at the Branding Department of Marketing Pingo Doce.
The schedule was fine, despite some times where I had to work until later than usual.
My main responsibilities were to organize the Prémio de Literatura Infantil, participate on the making of Sabe Bem, the magazine and some other projects that, at this point, are still confidential.
I had the opportunity to see the photoshoots for the magazine, collaborate on the decision of the recipes, visit the graphic and attend several meetings. It was such a good experience.


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Describe a typical day in the job. (e.g. arriving at 9am, client meeting at 10am, team discussion at 11.30am etc.).

The schedules are not strict. Usually I would arrive at 9am, sometimes earlier to have my breakfast at the canteen, and at the end of the day, at 7pm go back home. In the mean time, either I was in front of a computer or outside shooting food photos for the magazine in Sintra for example. The team would always have lunch together which promoted a friendship environment.
It is important to highlight that our 1st and last day were spent in Pigo Doce and Recheio, so we could understand how the operations really work, see the storage and how they manage stocks (super important and interesting for those who like the retail world!!)

Was there any team spirit? Tell us a little bit about the corporate culture and your colleagues / superiors.

Yes, totally. I remembered my first day thinking they must know each other for years by he way they talk and behave with each other. They would always help me when I needed and there was an open spirit to say jokes and be comfortable!

Evaluate your level (1 – 10) of responsibility during the Internship

Meaningful tasks: 8
Important Tasks: 8
I consider my tasks as important, they really give you considerable tasks that are expected to be done correctly!

How much did you enjoy your internship (1 – 10)?

I would rank it a 10. I was a bit afraid to loose my whole summer, and know, I believe it was 100% worth it! I had a role, I was comfortable, I learned, experience new things and I was given the opportunity to decide and make a difference.

What would you improve in your internship experience?

I really don’t have anything to say.


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If possible, please indicate the monthly compensation (if any) you received.


If there is anything you would like to to add about the job / company, please do so here.

It is a company where you feel you are welcomed and given the opportunity to say something. After the internship, they make you feel welcomed for the next time, the Trainees Programme, which feels really good to know that!

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