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Sumol+Compal internship report

Hello my name is Filipe and I had a curricular internship in the Innovation Department in Sumol+Compal in Oeiras, Portugal. I started on the 1st of November and ended on the 20th of February. This is my Sumol+Compal internship report.

How did you find out about this opportunity?

I found out this opportunity by IBS Networking platform.

How was the application process? Did you have interviews? (if so, tell us all about them – type of questions, difficulty, duration, steps you had to pass through from the application process until the final yes…)

I had a single day of recruitment process. Started by a group dynamics (like a case study, but it was too specific for us to understand), then an individual exercise. In the end each participant had an individual interview.

After sending your application, how long did you wait until the company contacted you?

5 days


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What was the position you had? Tell us the 3 main responsibilities/activities of your job, accordingly with the time you invested on them. (the more time you invested, the more important they were)

I was an intern in the innovation team inside Marketing department.
I had to work with an e-commerce platform called Mercado do Bairro nowadays rebranded into Saborista.

1. Develop Communication campaigns for new products launch
2. Plan an innovation challenge for university students
3. Develop ideas for new business units for Sumol+Compal (Premium Segment)

Walk us through a typical day at your job (schedule, meetings, routine tasks).

I worked part-time (4 hours a day) Every day of work was different and random.The internship wasn’t really planed.
– Check e-mail
– Insert in system SAP changes in the products of the Mercado do Bairro (e-commerce platform)
– Develop new campaigns for Mercado do Bairro
– Prepare the innovation challenge for College
The environment is one of the most important characteristics for a successful professional experience.


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How was your interaction with the people you worked with?? Tell us how was the company’s culture and the relationship you had with your colleagues and superiors.

The culture was amazing. People were really nice and always willing to help.
My team were only 4 people and we were close and the learning experience was better in that way

Meaningful tasks (8/10)
Important tasks (9/10)

What was your monthly salary?

Monthly compensation: 0

Do you feel we left out something and want to tell us more information? Don’t be shy and write it here!

I had the opportunity to drink Sumol and Compal drinks during the 4 hours as much as I wanted.


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