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Outline: When you think about travelling, the first thing that comes up in your mind is the cost, which in fact is what determines your journey. Nevertheless, you are offered plenty of choices from, not only, your travel agent but also the internet where you almost get the chance to travel around the world just by clicking. In order to help people to find the most economical places to stay, the important points to visit, even the 5 stars Hotels or the fancy restaurants, a lot of sites/apps were developed. Forget about those heavy tourist guides and enter in a world much more expansive that these new features can provide you. Today the choices you have are outnumbered, but here some examples: TripAdvisor, Trippy, AirBnb, Wanderfly or Hipmunk.

For now, we are glad to help you by giving you this list of 6 affordable cities to visit in Europe. Enjoy!

Kiev, Ukrainekiev_ukraine_location_opt

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, from being one of the oldest city in Europe with its great history, may offer to its visitors a great variety of places to visit such as the Saint Sophia’s Cathedral or the Independence Square, as well as marvellous landscape views.

It is on the top of our list due to its affordability. It is one of the cheapest cities in Europe with its currency being the Ukraine Hryvnia.

Here you have the approximate prices of some of the most important features:

Hostel ± 2.85 € per night (from the most economical hostel in the city)

Meal (low-priced restaurant) ± 4.09€

Bottle of Water ± 0.41€

Transport (local transport) ± 0.16€

Attractions ± from 0.34€

Bucharest, Romania


Well known for its Old Town in which you    will find trending night clubs and restaurants. This part of the city was completely transformed allowing it to greet a lot new visitors but most importantly its own locals.

Therefore, the second place on our list belongs to this beautiful city in Romania.

Fortunately even hostels are becoming more and more economical in this city in order to get the attention of tourists. Its currency is the Romanian Leu.

Here is the list of the approximate prices this city can offer you:

Hostel ± 5.60 € per night (from the most economical hostel in the city)

Meal (low-priced restaurant) ± 5.61€

Bottle of Water ± 0.51€

Transport (local transport) ± 0.34€

Attractions ± from 2.70€

Petersburg, Russiasaintpetersburg_st_isaacs_cathedral_summer_opt

St. Petersburg occupies the third most economical city in our list owing the plunge of its currency since 2014. In this beautiful city, you are offered the chance to visit the Hermitage, one of the famous museums in St. Petersburg, and also the Winter Palace although these two main attractions are not the cheapest ones.

Its currency would be the Russian Ruble. We have also created a list of the approximate prices:

Hostel ± 5.06 € per night (from the most economical hostel in the city)

Meal (low-priced restaurant) ± 7.91€

Bottle of Water ± 0.55€

Transport (local transport) ± 0.42€

Attractions ± from 5€

  1. Budapest, Hungarychain_bridge_budapest_united_states_opt

This specific city has a rather interesting way of being affordable which is the ability to have a great time by being adventurous. By this, we are talking about searching for the alternatives in Budapest. There are plenty of cafés and restaurants which could serve as a substitute for others aimed at tourists.

Regarding the attractions, it is almost imperative you check the Széchenyi Lánchíd Bridge and also the beautiful Cathedrals and Castles around the city.

Its currency is the Hungary Forint.

Check the list below for the approximate prices:

Hostel ± 8.15 € per night (from the most economical hostel in the city)

Meal (low-priced restaurant) ± 4.85€

Bottle of Water ± 0.33€

Transport (local transport) ± 1.13€

Attractions ± from 4.85€

Warsaw, Poland


This city suffered a great alteration after the World War II, and that fact is notable by the reconstruction of its Old Town Centre which now provides people with new restaurants and shops. But this city centre is not the only thing that Warsaw has to offer. It is in the capital that you can visit famous spots such as The Royal Castle or even the Lazienki Park.

Its currency is the Polish Zlotych.

Here is the list of the approximate prices of some features:

Hostel ± 8.15 € per night (from the most economical hostel in the city)

Meal (low-priced restaurant) ± 5.32€

Bottle of Water ± 0.46€

Transport (local transport) ± 1.02€

Attractions ± from 5.30€

Prague, Czech Republic


Enriched by its history, the capital of Czech Republic grants you wonderful sights and places to visit such as the Castle of Prague and the Old City Square which is crowded by tourists mostly during the summer.

This city has always been one of the most economical cities in Europe, and if you are looking for adventure, this is the city you want to visit. You may find good deals on food and drink just by getting to know the city to its bits.

Its currency is the Czech Krona.

Check this list below for the approximate prices in some specific features:

Hostel ± 9.20 € per night (from the most economical hostel in the city)

Meal (low-priced restaurant) ± 4.45€

Bottle of Water ± 0.50€

Transport (local transport) ± 0.90€

Attractions ± from 9.25€

These are only some examples of places you would care to visit due to its affordability, but it is not difficult to travel, even for other places, with little money. You only need to look for in the right places. For example in those sites/apps we have mentioned! There are plenty new sites, and even more being developed, in order to help you make the journey of your life more interactive and fun!

Make your experience more special and adventurous, when travelling, by getting to know the alternatives which can surprise you by being economical and more peaceful.


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Author: Margarida Sanches, student at Universidade Católica. Cinema enthusiast and post production video amateur. Get to know me via Linkedin 


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