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21 types of college roommates you DO NOT want to live with

1. The roommate who forgets his pizza in the oven:

8 roommate black pizza

2. The roommate who has more toothbrushes than money:

10 roommate toothbrushes

3. The roommate who does not know where the toilet paper belongs:

5 roommate keep toilet paper

4. The roommate who puts the Nutella inside the fridge:

1 roommate nutella

5. The roommate who transforms every object into an ashtray:

2 roommate ashtray

6. The roommate who never buys toilet paper:

3 roommate toilet paper

7. The roommate who never throws away empty toilet paper rolls:

4 roommate empty toilet paper

8. The roommate who has no clue about cooking:

6 roommate no cooking skills

9. The roommate who thinks this looks normal:

7 roommate bad food

10. The roommate who operates the dishwasher like this:

9 roommate dish washer

11. The roommate who leaves the shower like this:

11 roommate dirty shower

12. The roommate who puts an empty glass of Nutella back inside the kitchen cabinet:

12 roommate empty nutella

13. The roommate who temporarily stores his dirty dishes in the freezer:

13 roommate dirty dishes

14. The roommate who just “starts doing it” without a real plan:

14 roommate painting

15. The roommate who always uses premium products:

15 roommate high class beauty products

16. The roommate who forgets the potatoes in the frying pan:

16 roommate amateur cook potatoes

17. The roommate who does not care about post delivery:

17 roommate post letters

18. The roommate who leaves his empty bottles of booze all around the house:

18 roommate leaves alcohol everywhere

19. The roommate who simply does not like to think:

19 roommate who does not think

20. The roommate who thinks she is done with doing the dishes:

20 roommate with no cleaning skills

21. The roommate who leaves the kitchen like this before going home to visit her parents:

21 roommate dirty kitchen

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  1. lol i always do #3 and #12. my poor roommates xD

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