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The Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) is a Portuguese Business School located in Lisbon. It is the faculty of economic and management sciences, of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Nova). The designation “Nova SBE” is a rebranding and new official name of the Faculty. The original designation Faculdade de Economia (Faculty of Economics) was kept as alternative official name. It is regularly ranked among the best European Business Schools.

Nova SBE class reviews

We currently offer course reviews of all classes available at Nova SBE in 2016. Below you can find Nova’s degree offering and the links to the respective class reviews. Don’t be shy and leave a review yourself, too!

Nova SBE real-life insights

Our awesome users regularly send us impressions and opinions about their university. Below you find our collection of articles about Nova SBE itself as well as content from Nova SBE students who traveled abroad. If you want to voice your opinion, please send us your story at [email protected]